Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sample Objective Type Question Paper - Written Test model for HVF, Avadi Recruitment of Semi Skilled Posts in Various ITI Trades (010)

In HVF, Avadi, announced Recruitment to select Semi Skilled vacancies for NCVT completed Fitter, Machinist, Welder, Fitter Electronics, Electrician, Blacksmith, Examiner, Painter are will be made Strictly Based on the Merit Position drawn from the Written Examination, Trade Test & Personal Interview of the candidates. Heavy Vehicles Factory, Avadi also warned candidates to avoid any unscrupulous elements who may assure appointment in HVF, Avadi by seeking bribe in cash or in kind or any other inducement, and are advised not to fall in their trap.

"Success is never achieved by the size of our brain,
But, it is always achieved by the size of our tries and thoughts"

Here we are given past year model question paper to practice yourself and we wish with hope to All Candidates "ALL THE BEST"

(Common Question Paper model for All Trades)

Limited Departmental Competitive Examination - 2007
For the Post of Chargeman (Tech/Non-Tech)


Subject: General Knowledge                                                        Code: 7.46 / 111
Sr. No.:  ..............................................                                    Roll No.: ..........................

Signature of the Invigilator ...............................................
Date: 18.04.2007                                                                                 Duration: 2 Hours
Time: 09:00 Hrs. to 11:00 Hrs.                                                            Max. Marks: 50
Instructions: Please read the following instructions carefully before writing your answers:
1) All Questions are compulsory.
2) Each Questions carries 1 mark.
3) There are four alternatives - (A), (B), (C), (D) given against each question out of which only one is the most appropriate answer. If (A) is correct, round on the correct alternative like (A).
4) The discarded answer if any, must be crossed properly and supported by initial of the candidate.
5) If a question is answered wrongly or more than one answers are marked, 0.25 marks will be deducted for each such question.
6) Use only blue or black ball pen only. Use of Pencil is not allowed.
7) No sheet from the Question Paper / Answer Book should be detached.
8) You may do rough work, if required, on the blank sheets.
9) Please DO NOT repeat DO NOT write your name anywhere on the Question Paper.
Continues ......

Q.1. What are the Gurjarrs caste in Rajasthan fighting for ?
(A) for SC status (B) for OBC status
(C) for ST status (D) None of these

Q.2. If you wish to increase the amount of current in a resistor from 120 mA to 160 mA by changing the 24 V source, what should the new voltage setting be?
(A) 8 V (B) 320 V (C) 3.2 V (D) 32 V

Q.3. What is expansion of UNICEF ?
(A) United Nations International Childrens’Emergency Fund
(B) Union of National Integrity, Cultural & Educational Fund
(C) United Nations International Cultural & Economical Fund
(D) None of these

Q.4. BARC is situated at:
(A) Chennai (B) Trombay (C) Bangalore (D) Hyderabad

Q.5. RTI Act received the assent of President of India on:
(A) 15th June 2005 (B) 19th June 2005 (C) 14th Jan 2006 (D) 30th Dec 2006

Q.6. RTI Act extends to the whole of India except:
(A) Sikkim (B) Goa, Daman & Diu (C) Andaman & Nicobar (D) Jammu & Kashmir

Q.7. PIO under RTI Act means:
(A) Public Information Officer (B) Personnel Information Officer (C) Private Investigating Officer (D) Public Investigating Officer

Q.8. RTI Act came into force on:
(A) 15th Dec 2005 (B) 12th Jan 2006 (C) 12th Oct 2005 (D) 18th July 2006

Q.9.In a Y-Y source/load configuration, the?
(A) phase current, the line current, and the load current are all equal in each phase
(B) hase current, the line current, and the load current are 120° out of phase
(C) phase current and the line current are in phase, and both are 120° out of phase with the load current
(D) line current and the load current are in phase, and both are out of phase with the phase current

Q.10.The part of a bevel protractor, which comes in contact with the inclined surface while measuring, is the?
(A) Stock (B) Dial (C) Disc (D)Blade

Q.11. The Thevenin equivalent voltage is?
(A) equal to the source voltage (B) the same as the load voltage (C) the open circuit voltage (D) none of the above

Q.12 The point angle of a drill suitable for drilling thin plates is?
(A) 90 deg (B) 120 deg (C) 180 deg (D) None of above

Q.13. Who was the first President of India:
(A) Dr. Sarbopalli Radha Krishnan (B) Fakaruddin Ali Ahmed (C) Dr. Rajendra Prasad (D) N. Sanjiva Reddy

Q.14. Who won Miss Universe 2007 pageant ?
(A) Miss Puja Gupta (B) Miss Riyo Mori (C) Miss Allena Hanoi (D) Miss Patricia Mair

Q.15. Constitution of India was adopted and enacted on:
(A) 26th Jan 1947 (B) 26th Jan 1948 (C) 26th Jan 1949 (D) 26th Jan 1950

Q.16. 42nd Amendment Act, 1976 relates to which aspect of the constitutional provision:
(A) Fundamental Rights & Directive principles (B) Equality before law (C) Creation of new state (D) Duty & responsibility of state

Q.17. Article 24 of the Constitution “prohibits employment of children in factories, etc.” below the age of:
(A) 18 years (B) 22 years (C) 14 years (D) 12 years

Q 18. If two currents are in the same direction at any instant of time in a given branch of a circuit, the net current at that instant?
(A) is zero
(B) is the sum of the two currents
(C) is the difference between the two currents
(D) cannot be determined

Q.19. Which article gives special status to the state of Jammu and Kashmir in the Constitution?

Q.20. The following is considered the symbol of Justice:
(A) Spring balance (B) Beam balance (C) Hydraulic balance (D) Pneumatic balance

Q.21. 14.A certain transformer has a turns ratio of 1 and a 0.85 coefficient of coupling. When 2 V ac is applied to the primary, the secondary voltage is?
(A) 1.7 V (B) 0.85 V (C) 1 V (D) 0 V

Q.22. 150th Anniversary of Armed Uprising (Sepoy Mutiny) in Indian Army against the British Emperor was celebrated in:
(A) April 2007 (B) May 2007 (C) Aug. 2006 (D) Aug. 2007

Q.23. When did “The Workmen’s Compensation Act” came into force ?
(A) 15th March 1922 (B) 28th Dec 1923 (C) 5th March 1923 (D) 1st July 1924

Q.24. What is the restriction on number of times of medical examination of a worker under Workmen’s Compensation Act in the first month following the accident ?
(A) 1 time (B) 2 times (C) 3 times (D) 4 times

Q.25. Workmen’s Compensation Act, 1923 does not liable the employer to pay compensation if the accident is attributed to:
(A) The workmen under influence of drinks or drugs
(B) The workmen has mental worry
(C) The workmen is suffering from some disease
(D) The tools & equipments with which the workmen is working is/are defective

Q.26. The Workmen’s Compensation is admissible:
(A) If accident occurs during working hours
(B) If accident occurs while carrying out work
(C) Whether or not negligence is involved
(D) None of these

Q.27. Voltage is measured in?
(A) volts (B) farads (C) watts (D) ohms

Q.28. Eight-tenths coulomb passes a point in 4 s. The current in amperes is?
(A) 1.6 A (B) 16 A (C) 2 A (D) 0.2 A

Q.29. Within how many days an appeal shall be made in the High Court against an order awarding compensation by Commissioner ?
(A) 15 days (B) 30 days (C) 60 days (D) 75 days

Q.30. Indicate percentage loss of earning capacity due to partial or permanent disablement for loss of thumb:
(A) 10 % (B) 20 % (C) 30 % (D) 40 %

Q.31. Indicate percentage loss of earning capacity due to absolute deafness:
(A) 50 % (B) 60 % (C) 90 % (D) 100 %

Q.32. Ozone layer in the atmosphere protects from:
(A) Ultra violet rays (B) Infra red rays
(C) Heat (D) Poisonous gases

Q.33. The formation of Works Committee is the provision under the following Act:
(A) Factories Act, 1948 (B) Workmen’s Compensation Act, 1923
(C) Industrial Dispute Act, 1947 (D) Payment of Wages Act, 1936

Q.34. Following legal establishment decide the legality & justifiability of a strike:
(A) Industrial Tribunal (B) High Court
(C) Central Administrative Tribunal (D) Session Court

Q.35. What is the object of payment of Wages Act ?
(A) To decide the amount of wages
(B) To avoid unnecessary delay in the payment of wages and prevent unauthorised deductions from the wages
(C) To review the wages of Workmen time to time and ensure payment without faulty deduction
(D) To fix up overtime wages, bonus time to time

Q.36. Under the provision of the Payment of Wages Act, 1936 an employer has to be paid wages for a period not longer than:
(A) 7 days (B) 14 days (C) 21 days (D) One month

Q.37. Who is the Chairman of Planning Commission ?
(A) Dr. Soli Sorabjee (B) Dr. Manmohan Singh
(C) Shri Montek S. Ahluwala (D) None of these

Q.38. Which one of the following is not a renewable energy ?
(A) Fuel Cell (B) Wind Energy
(C) Petroleum (D) Ocean Energy

Q.39. The current five years plan period is the ________ plan:
(A) 10th (B) 11th (C) 12th (D) 13th

Q.40. What kVA rating is required for a transformer that must handle a maximum load current of 8 A with a secondary voltage of 2 kV?
(A) 4 kVA (B) 0.25 kVA (C) 16 kVA (D)8 kVA

Q.41. 36th Amendment Act associate Sikkim in the Union of India in the year:
(A) 1975 (B) 1971 (C) 1978 (D) 1980

Q.42. State can notify to suspend the provision of Factories Act, 1948 except Section 67 during public emergency, at a time, for a period not exceeding:
(A) 6 months (B) 1 month (C) 4 months (D) 3 months

Q.43. What is the restriction of working hours in a factory under Factories Act ?
(A) 43 ¾ Hrs. (B) 48 Hrs. (C) 51 Hrs. (D) 54 Hrs.

Q.44. What is the maximum working hours per day within the provision of weekly restriction ?
(A) 9 Hrs. (B) 8 Hrs. (C) 8 ½ Hrs. (D) 10 Hrs.

Q.45. An accident requiring sending of notice to appropriate authority should essentially prevent from working for a period of:
(A) 24 Hrs. (B) 48 Hrs. (C) 72 Hrs. (D) 96 Hrs.

Q.46. Who is the present Chief Justice of India ?
(A) Justice P.N. Bhagwati (B) Justice A.N. Roy (C) Justice K.G. Balakrishnan (D) None of these

Q.47. Whom the “Executive Power of the Union of India” vested upon ?
(A) Comptroller & Auditor General of India (B) Solicitor General of India (C) Attorney General of India (D) President of India

Q.48. Who is the present Solicitor General of India ?
(A) Harish N. Salve (B) Santosh Hegde (C) A.D. Giri (D) None of these

Q.49. What is SEZ ?
(A) Special Eco-friendly Zoo (B) Special Economic Zone (C) Standard Eco Zip (D) Special Educational Zone

Q.50. The provision for non-discrimination in matters of public employment is based on:
(A) Religion only
(B) Religion, race, caste, sex, descent or any of them
(C) Caste only
(D) Religion, race, caste, sex, descent, place of birth, residence or any of them

Note: Heavy Vehicles Factory, Avadi reserve ALL the rights to Change/Alter the examination question paper model without showing any reason. Prepare yourself in strength of knowledge in your Relevant Trade to select by Merit in semi skilled Jobs.


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